Enterprise BI

Whether you are a startup or a mature company, visibility to operational and management level metrics are crucial to understand the pulse of your organization. Many a time you may start with operational reporting out of source applications like CRM, ERP, Contact Center, etc., which is a good first step. As your processes become complex, your ecosystems get broader; you need end to end visibility across all the information flowing through your systems. At the same time, the data quality may be questionable and you will put in manual processes to clean and correlate important information. At some point, you will realize that the Operational expenses of keep all systems in sync and getting visibility to data is getting higher and higher. Or, as a mature organization you may consider large scale data migrations and reports migrations to new platforms and may be looking for a partner who can help you.

This is where StratApps can help. StratApps expertise in building reporting and analytical solutions across multiple industries and varied technologies helps you to make sure that the BI and Reporting Infrastructure is built right, from the ground up.

At StratApps, we look at Business Intelligence as a gateway to actionable knowledge. We enable relevant intelligence from raw data that is consumable across the organization. We have a wealth of creative solutions to address all your BI needs and successfully deliver the best option for your business.

StratApps's BI services are for organizations in any stage of growth and offers the necessary technology solutions including data marts, data warehouse and data integration that supports effectiveness in loading, retrieving, and archiving data. We also offer data analysis, acquisition, and transformation of disparate fragmented data into a single enterprise view along with addressing the need for data cleansing and dashboard help. This allows our clients to clearly identify perfect investments, position a product in a rapidly growing value chain, or track market evolution. And lastly, we include support to ensure maximum up time for your BI platforms. We utilize our own innovative monitoring applications to supplement your organization's operations center capabilities. We are available 24 x 7 to keep your systems running while you focus on running your business.

Our BI Solution provides:

  1. Strategic Roadmaps / Blueprints
  2. Enhanced decision making by identifying inefficiencies in the business process
  3. Turnkey designed approach and services with reports and dashboards
  4. Enablement using cloud or on premise technologies
  5. Organizational Imperatives to increase user adoption
  6. Governance framework for Master Data Management
  7. Innovative and cost effective implementation of Master Data Management


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